Have you worked hard to build career success and find you’re now
longing for something new or more fulfilling?

Do you aspire to something greater – for your life, work, relationships and the world?

Hi there and welcome! I’m Dolly Garlo.

If you’ve begun to contemplate a different direction, “second act,” new path or a life more fully realized… then what I’ve created is especially for you.

My professional journey took me from critical care nursing, to law and business, to my current clearly designed life. My work as a board certified coach, author, educator, business development advisor and legacy planner also allows me to serve as an environmental advocate, champion of women’s leadership, sports enthusiast, loving wife and privileged guardian of a standard poodle.
Combining preferred interests and changing course myself, then working with clients to successfully do the same – including a focus on family, finances, career transitions to new work and lifestyle preferences, dreams and passions – led me to ‘crack the code on how to make all that happen quickly and easily.

From there MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign was born!

Here are some indications you may have reached this “pivot point” of career and life transition – when you:

  • find yourself going through the motions in your career without the sense of satisfaction you once enjoyed
  • want to pursue purposeful work more on your own terms, with more personal and time freedom
  • aspire to step into greater leadership roles or have greater influence in areas you care about
  • fear you’ll miss out on your bigger dreams or the meaningful involvements you’ve imagined, and/or
  • are able to make a career shift financially, yet worry about making the right choices…

And even if you’ve only just started pondering any of that, you are
in the right place at the right time!

Now is the best time to create a plan so you can…

  • Enjoy more of the life you’ve worked so hard to build
  • Work for a bigger, more satisfying vision and purpose
  • Engage in more personally meaningful involvements
  • Exercise greater leadership and influence in business or community matters
  • Discover ways to have more of a positive impact — and more fun…

Not sure where to begin?


Here’s how you can create the customized roadmap you need
to build on your career success and ALL areas of life important to YOU…
without reinventing the wheel!

Imagine in Just A Few Short Weeks – You’ll Be Ready to

Step Into an exciting new chapter of your life smoothly and gracefully, with

  • Clarity about where you want to go with your work, life and other involvements
  • A Customized Plan for how to get there and
  • The Confidence that comes from being ready to make it happen!

Now is time to “have it all” — as you define it:
to use your experience and expertise to create a life filled with renewed purpose and greater satisfaction so you can
Live, Work, Lead and Contribute
with More Meaning and Joy…

Yes, you can!

Conquer questions, worry, doubt and the

  • Frustration from an unfulfilling day-to-day
  • Sleepless nights from the stress of indecision
  • Struggle to find the right assistance and direction!

Creating the exceptional life you envision happens much faster with a system and solid support.

Otherwise, it’s like driving in a new country without a map.

You’ll get somewhere, but will it be where you actually want to go?

And what might you miss along the way?

You are not alone.

Few people get to the masterful point of mid-career knowing how to design and build what comes next – even accomplished people with financial security. Why?

The problem – especially for women – is that it is difficult to find role models or mentors to show you how. Too many people are actually unaware of the many opportunities and choices available, or how to pursue them.

Most just figure it out as they go along, and wonder about the best next direction. They lack a plan for what’s next and can feel isolated and alone.

“The Dream Has Become A Reality”

When I contacted Dolly Garlo I really could not define what I wanted to do next in life – but I knew I needed a change from my practice in medical oncology. I was beginning to feel that no matter how hard I worked or how passionate I was about every one of my patients – I was not making enough difference. For more than 20 years I listened to patient stories and saw their anxiety and frustrations during their hospital stays. I had accumulated a spiral notebook of ideas and thoughts on how to improve bedside patient care in hospitals. Dreams are one thing – but bringing them into reality takes a leap of faith and courage. Without Dolly, I would not have been able to finally declare that what I wanted to do next. Step by step, together, we worked a plan – and the dream has become a reality.

Sharon Conley, PhD, MD

Inventor, Medication On Demand (MOD) device, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, AVANCEN

Helped Me Transition… Changed Everything

If you wouldn’t have helped me transition from my service in the Coast Guard to my real estate business, we probably would have re-located out of the Keys. That would have changed everything. I doubt that my son and his family would have moved to the Keys. Don’t even want to think about that. Thank you!

Jim Smith

Broker Associate and Co-Owner, Florida Keys Real Estate Company

“The Time Involved To Recreate Myself Would Have Been Too Great”

When we started working together I was running my own family law mediation practice, and considering other possibilities to better address both my work and my personal involvements. Our work helped me focus on other options that were more interesting and exciting for me yet allowed me to use the skills and experience I have already acquired. It opened that creative process and helped me think outside the box.

As a result, rather than thinking that all great opportunities must be out of sight, far away, requiring more education or meeting the right people … we looked closer to home, where I discovered the opportunities right under my nose! If I had not taken the time to stop and think, I may have leapt too far away from my home base, current skills and abilities, and the time involved to recreate myself would have been too great!!

Bonnie J. Helms, Esq.

Monroe County, Florida

The Better Way

Get Where You Want To Go & Do What You Aspire To Now

Faster & Easier – by DESIGN

The MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign Program© is a tested system that walks you through a thorough, thoughtful process to:

  • Complete a current full life review and personal inventory
  • Explore and identify what you most value, and what truly interests and inspires you now
  • Determine where and how you want to be involved or take the lead to influence, impact and make a difference
  • Learn how to most effectively make the best corporate / business transition from where you are now to where you want to go, while maximizing resources and relationships
  • Create a comprehensive life plan filled with what’s most important to you based on what research tells us are the 8 Key Areas of Life Satisfaction
  • Discover purposeful work engagements that fit your unique circumstances, on your own preferred terms
  • Identify how to best put your plan in place with an efficient, highly effective step-by-step process
  • Find new opportunities, contacts and resources to advance your interests, and become better known quickly in new areas of interest
  • Recognize the challenges and obstacles that stop you or can stall the changes you want (and what to effectively do instead)
  • Develop a customized practice (that takes only minutes a day) to keep yourself energized and empowered on the journey to build your “great what’s next!”

All this, and you’ll receive individual coaching and guidance, feedback, encouragement to explore new directions, and the inspiration and support to get where you truly want to go next!

Here’s what you’ll receive
with the MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign program:

  • To consider a wide range of different scenarios before you make changes you might regret
  • Everything you need to create your own “Full Life MAP” and continue to fill it in as you move forward
  • Support that accelerates the process, with help to decide and get where you want to go faster than you would on your own
  • Beyond training and information, the time and personal attention you deserve
  • Cutting edge empowerment methods to enhance your confidence and results

How The Program Works

MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign is a systematic approach to making a significant life transition.
 You may well be making changes in several areas, so this approach makes it smoother and more efficient than trying to figure out all the details on your own. That also makes it easier to share decisions and plans with significant others, colleagues and professional advisors.
Most importantly, it helps you design the special path only you can travel, so you can express your unique talents, and step into the exceptional life that fulfills your passions, interests, skills, values and preferences.

Choose the format that works best for you:

⊕  Private Individual Coaching – get started right away with a confidential, personalized 1:1 engagement that includes additional time to focus on plan implementation and accelerate results.
⊕  Small Group Coaching Mastermind – offered periodically and limited to 20 participants, this format includes individual coaching and the input of like-minded, similarly-situated individuals from around the country or around the world (they will contribute things you didn’t consider, that quite likely will also apply to you).

Also included:

  • Online access to materials that will guide you through important considerations in 9 different subject modules
  • The Full Life MAP© comprehensive planning model to clearly identify what’s most important to you in the 8 Key Areas of Life Satisfaction
  • Work through the curriculum when it is convenient to your schedule
  • LIVE coaching sessions – to help you customize and apply the material to your circumstances, for Q&A, discussion, direction and expert advice (as well as mastermind input from other participants in the group format)
  • Downloadable audios of each module and coaching session
  • Handout materials that contain insights and information, resources, questions, checklists, prompts, exercises and other activities to help you thoroughly consider and make important choices – access them for a full 12 months


Dates & Time

Private Coaching – schedule is individually determined 
Small Group Coaching Mastermind – offered periodically with start times throughout the year
Click here to inquire about openings available now


Your Investment

  • The MASTERFUL LIFE Redesign program is the ultimate in refined personal transformation. Recognize your unique brilliance and live it ever more brightly!
  • Small group format is reasonably priced and conveniently scheduled for full participation
  • Working privately naturally includes a higher investment level and allows for greater privacy, individual scheduling, a more personal focus, more time and professional attention. PLUS you can get started right away!
  • The biggest investment toward the results you seek will be the commitment of time and energy you put into creating your own personalized plan!
  • The effort you put into the process can take you further than you might imagine.
  • So, take a first step:

Click here to apply for a complimentary New Directions Discovery Session
If you qualify, it is a special process to help you discover
your best next move forward from where you are now. (A $400 value).
We can determine if the program is right for you, or if other resources would serve you better,
and discuss whether the Private 1:1 or Group approach would work best for your circumstances.

“Make Your Wildest Dreams Of Success Come True”

Before I worked with Dolly, there were factors taking their toll on my business and my personal peace: the economy, time and money developing a recession proof product, and the slow but sure demise of my father and mother – I was intimately involved in managing their caregivers and rallying my siblings for assistance. The compound effect of these three factors were taking their toll.

Working with Dolly was an absolute pleasure – welcoming, compassionate, organized, and insightful. She was no stranger to business and I felt in steady and capable hands. Working in community with all the other students facilitated deep insights as to directions and choices. I was able to grow from a struggling artist with potential to a fashion designer of couture silk art wear for destination island weddings, honeymoons and resort getaways with a business – not to mention being happily remarried and moving to Hawaii. Dolly works from the highest of integrity and I cannot recommend her more highly – may it make your wildest dreams of success come true.

Jasmine Sky

Jasmine Sky Designs, Kailua-Kona, HI

“Reconnected to a Belief in Myself and in Possibilities”

I chose to participate because I felt you heard and valued me as a person, and encouraged me to follow my heart calling as a valuable direction and use of time. The course description was exactly what I felt I needed and wanted… to work with someone who knows some of my life journey joys & struggles, strengths & weaknesses.

I wanted most to shift how I felt about myself and my life direction so I could connect to realistic new possibilities for my life & work. Early on I began to see myself differently… that I have strengths, and a unique contribution to make to life. I began to clear away things I was only tolerating and reconnected to a belief in myself and in possibilities. Others’ stories also helped me realize I am not alone in this struggle to find my authentic work expression in the world at this stage of life.

Cathrine Estar, M.S.

Spirit Dancer & BraveHeart Women Global Anchor, Tucson, Arizona

“Your Counsel Was Instrumental”

It was a pleasure working with you. At a time in life when I was looking for answers our paths crossed and your counsel was instrumental in taking the next step in my life’s journey. Working with you I was able to bring ideas to the surface that were of interest to me, start a new career, and meet my goal of living a more meaningful and better quality of life. If not for you, I would have still been going to a cubical every day, not much of a life. Today I enjoy my work, appreciate the abundance of time I get with my family, and the adventures I encounter.

Bret G. Pels

President, FactOne Capital | Pels Realty, Dallas, Texas

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